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Asheville Painting Contractor

Interior Painting

       Refinishing the interior of your home is much more to us at Blue Bear than simply putting new paint onto your walls. We strive to bring a stunning new look to the homes we paint, and this philosophy carries through every step of the way. This is our approach whether you are only looking to refresh a couple of bedrooms, or you want more extensive work done throughout the interior and exterior of your home. 

    Recoating an interior is a multi-faceted project. First we prepare your home using drop-cloths and masking to protect from spills. After our work area has been staged, we are ready to begin. Proper surface preparation is a key step to achieve finish you desire. This includes filling wall imperfections such as holes, dings and cracks and then sanding the walls. This allows for the paint to cure more uniformly and provides a smooth finish. Once we are ready to paint, we make use of paint spraying equipment as well as brushes and rollers to achieve the ideal finish you are seeking.       

commercial painter

    We understand that for many clients, a quick turnover is of top priority. This may be particularly true for rental properties and office spaces. We will expedite the process while maintaining quality to provide you with the finish you desire. We have flexible work times to minimize impact on your business. 

Asheville commercial painting contractor
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