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    Exterior painting and restoration is where our business started, and still is a key component of our business. Painting the exterior of homes requires a unique skill set and experience, our seasoned painters provide differentiated service. 

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Exterior paintaing contractor

Exterior Painting

    Many of the same methods we use when working inside translates to the exterior. This starts with proper surface preparation by filling cracks and holes to ensure smooth paint transitions and to provide protection from moisture buildup. We have experience with new construction as well as refreshing older homes. The surface preparation of older homes is critical to ensure surfaces are scraped and cleaned to remove chipped paint and to remove old glazing from windows. Proper surface priming is followed by careful paint application using sprayers, brushes and rollers. Our expertise in paint spraying is extensive and provides an outstanding finish. We also will assess damage that may exist and replace boards when necessary to protect your home. 

Asheville painter and window glazing
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